Alien and Sedition Acts

We discuss the Alien and Sedition Acts, how it took the Federal Government very little time to violate the Bill of Rights, and how the United States' attitude towards immigrants and foreigners is nothing new.

The Whiskey Rebellion

We discuss Alexander Hamilton’s oppressive tax on whiskey and its violent enforcement by George Washington.

False Generosity – Paulo Freire

An overview of Paulo Freire's concept of "false generosity" discussed in his "Pedagogy of the Oppressed." Or, why billionaire philanthropists aren't really 'generous.'

Alexander Hamilton and the Centralization of Economic Power

We discuss the life and times of Alexander Hamilton and how his policies led to the centralization of economic power into the hands of the federal government. http://revolutionandideology.com/alexander-hamilton-and-the-centralization-of-economic-power

Lysander Spooner – The Constitution of No Authority

With guest Alan Pitts, we discuss Lysander Spooner’s “The Constitution of No Authority” and the legalist arguments against the Constitution of the United States as a legally binding document. Nick mispronounces “Worcester” and arguably “Lysander” and we somehow cover a number of topics including taxes, AOC, Sartre, Foucault, and more.