Our 100th Episode!

We spend our 100th episode discussing our favorite episodes, how we select our topics, and what’s next for the program.

Human Nature – Real Life Lord of the Flies

We discuss the problems with the assumption that humans are naturally greedy and selfish, it’s just not true as proven by a real-world Lord of the Flies-type scenario.

Is Anarchism an Ideology?

What is an Ideology? What is Anarchism? We define both and debate whether Anarchism is an ideology.

What is a DAO? Decentralized Autonomous Organization

We discuss Decentralized Autonomous Organizations empowered by blockchain technology. Resources: ✔How To Start a New Country - A Response: https://youtu.be/tO3GhoBWmbM ✔ The Network Union - A Response: https://youtu.be/hiWiaKKLOnw ✔ Ethereum.org - DAOs:...

Who are the Garifuna?

We discuss the history of the seemingly little-known but incredibly important people, the Garifuna.