Revolution and Ideology

History, Philosophy, Film, and Whatever Else We Feel Like Discussing

Black Wars in Tasmania – Genocide by Definition

We discuss the genocide of the Tasmanian Aboriginals in the nineteenth century.

2022 Report on Indian Board Schools – U.S. Department of Interior

We discuss the recently published United States Department of the Interior Report on Native American Boarding Schools which discovered 431 Federal Indian Boarding Schools and discusses many of the atrocities which took place there.

Inspirations of the Harlem Renaissance

We sit down with musician and graduate student Ashley Ellis to discuss the Harlem Renaissance and its significance including artists such as Aaron Douglas, Archibald Motley, Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday and others such as W.E.B. Du Bois and James Baldwin.

Prison – Can the System be Changed from the Inside?

Our friend and prison abolitionist Donte Young got a job at a youth detention facility and tried to change things from the inside. He provides an insightful, emotional, and at times chilling account of how things went.

DayZ: A Simulated Social Experiment?

DayZ is one of many games set in an apocalypse, but unlike all others, it forces the player to create their own “narrative.” Thus, it presents the opportunity to offer commentary on both conscious and subconscious popularity of consuming apocalyptic media. Further, by placing the consumer into the story in ways none of the other mediums can, it may offer insights into the way consumers think about their role in a post-apocalyptic world.

More Episodes

Albert Camus – The Rebel – Part 4

We discuss Part 4 of Albert Camus’ “The Rebel”, “Rebellion and Art”. In this section, Camus discusses the relationship between art, rebellion, and revolution. We also somehow end up discussing Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.

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Albert Camus – The Rebel – Part 3 We discuss Part 3 of Albert Camus' "The Rebel", Historical Rebellion. This is the section in which Camus provides his critique of totalitarianism, fascism, and Marxism. Other Resources: ✔CrimetInc. Against the Logic of the Guillotine:...

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Albert Camus – The Rebel – Part 2

We discuss Part 2 of Albert Camus' "The Rebel" in which he analyses metaphysical rebellion. We cover the Marquis de Sade, Max Stirner, and Friedrich Nietzsche. See Part 1 of our discussion: Related Videos: ✔ Steve Cutts - Man:...

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Albert Camus – The Rebel – Part 1

We discuss the Introduction and Part 1 of Albert Camus' 1951 book "The Rebel."  Related Videos: ✔The Myth of Sisyphus: ✔Herbert Marcuse - One Dimensional Man:...

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Imagined Communities

We discuss Benedict Anderson’s 1983 work “Imagined Communities” specifically focusing on the origins of national consciousness.

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