Revolution and Ideology

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Is Union Membership Worth More Than Going to College?

We discuss an article titled “The Cumulative Advantage of a Unionized Career for Lifetime Earnings” and discover whether or not you should join a union or go to college (or both!).

Quiet Quitting – Hegelian or Marxist?

Where does the act of quiet quitting fit into the context of a larger movement? Does it have the potential to make a real impact? Is it Marxist or Hegelian?

Is Every Act a Political Act?

As a short follow-up to our previous episode, we discuss whether or not every act is a political act. We briefly mention commodification, socialization, industrialization, technology, capitalism, religion, and more.

You Can’t Blame Everything on Capitalism

We loosely discuss a Gawker article by Clare Coffey titled “Failure to Cope Under Capitalism”.

Are Labor Strikes Illegal in the United States? The Taft-Hartley Act of 1947

We discuss a short history of labor strikes in the United States and how the federal government dramatically reduced the power of labor with the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947.

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The Colony – Netflix Film – An Analysis

We analyze Tim Fehlbaum’s sci-fi thriller film “The Colony” (AKA Tides) which premiered on Netflix in January 2022. In addition to the obvious theme of climate change, we dive deeply into the overarching theme of colonialism which is present throughout. The film stars Nora Arnezeder as Blake, Iain Glen as Gibson, and Sarah-Sofie Boussnina as Narvik.

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Albert Camus – The Rebel – Part 4

We discuss Part 4 of Albert Camus’ “The Rebel”, “Rebellion and Art”. In this section, Camus discusses the relationship between art, rebellion, and revolution. We also somehow end up discussing Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.

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Albert Camus – The Rebel – Part 3 We discuss Part 3 of Albert Camus' "The Rebel", Historical Rebellion. This is the section in which Camus provides his critique of totalitarianism, fascism, and Marxism. Other Resources: ✔CrimetInc. Against the Logic of the Guillotine:...

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Albert Camus – The Rebel – Part 2

We discuss Part 2 of Albert Camus' "The Rebel" in which he analyses metaphysical rebellion. We cover the Marquis de Sade, Max Stirner, and Friedrich Nietzsche. See Part 1 of our discussion: Related Videos: ✔ Steve Cutts - Man:...

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Albert Camus – The Rebel – Part 1

We discuss the Introduction and Part 1 of Albert Camus' 1951 book "The Rebel."  Related Videos: ✔The Myth of Sisyphus: ✔Herbert Marcuse - One Dimensional Man:...

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