Zombieland – Zombie Comedies and Their Significance

Zombieland – Zombie Comedies and Their Significance

We discuss the dramatic significance of zombie comedies using Zombieland as an example. Dr. Kyle William Bishop in his article “Vacationing in Zombieland : the classical functions of the modern zombie comedy” applies Northrop Frye’s frameworks for criticism to demonstrate how the zombie comedy is more than just gratuitous violence and should be taken seriously by academic and critics alike. We use specific examples from Bishop, Frye, and the film itself to show why Zombieland, for example, is a traditional dramatic romantic comedy.

The Fourth World War Has Begun

We discuss the essay titled “The Fourth World War Has Begun” by the leader of the Zapatista EZLN Subcomandante Marcos.

The Glass to See to the Other Side – Zapatista Short Story

We read and analyze the short story written by Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos titled “The Glass to See to the Other Side” in which the revolutionary beetle Don Durito says goodbye to Mexico City. It’s a great commentary on the isolation, individualism, and other ills of neoliberal capitalism. The story can be found in a book of Marcos’ work “Our Word is Our Weapon.”

Historical Context of the Zapatista Movement

Jared provides a detailed historical context of the Zapatista movement.

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