In this episode we discuss the academic article titled “I would not plant apple trees if the world will be wiped“. It presents a fascinating exploration into the realm of massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) as a unique environment for studying human behavior and decision-making. The researchers conducted an extensive analysis of hundreds of millions of behavioral records of players during the beta testing phase of an MMORPG (Archeage).

Throughout the study, the authors carefully examined various in-game actions, choices, and decision patterns displayed by players as they engaged with the virtual world. The article sheds light on how players respond to different scenarios and challenges presented during the beta test, offering valuable insights into their gaming behaviors.

The findings of the research not only contribute to a deeper understanding of gaming dynamics but also have broader implications for real-world scenarios. By analyzing how individuals make decisions within the controlled environment of an MMORPG, the study opens up new avenues for understanding human decision-making processes in other complex situations.

I Would Not Plant Apple Trees If the World Will Be Wiped: Analyzing Hundreds of Millions of Behavioral Records of Players During an MMORPG Beta Test

Video Game Study Shows What People Do When The World Ends



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