Revolution and Ideology

Discussing history, social theory, and really whatever else we feel like talking about! 

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Is Anarchism an Ideology?

What is an Ideology? What is Anarchism? We define both and debate whether Anarchism is an ideology.

What is a DAO? Decentralized Autonomous Organization

We discuss Decentralized Autonomous Organizations empowered by blockchain technology. Resources: ✔How To Start a New Country - A Response: ✔ The Network Union - A Response: ✔ - DAOs:...

Who are the Garifuna?

We discuss the history of the seemingly little-known but incredibly important people, the Garifuna.






“Revolution and Ideology” was started by Nick Lee and Jared Benson, university instructors of sociology and history respectively. Nick and Jared currently co-teach three humanities courses titled “Resistance and Revolution,” “Ideology and Isms,” and “Stateless Societies.”